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We're a family business in the truest sense of the word. Started in 2001, as a partnership between brothers Dan and Don Leftwich, the World Cup follows in the age-old tradition of opening one's doors to family and friends for a cup of coffee and conversation. Coffee houses have existed since the 6th century, according to some reports, spreading from Istanbul through the Mideast and into Europe by the 1500s.  Colonial America continued the trend and, in keeping with our European roots, coffee houses and espresso bars have deep roots in American life.  



The World Cup’s proprietary espresso, and single origin coffees from Africa, Indonesia, or Central America blend seamlessly with a Scottish scone or a French crepe to create a cross-cultural experience highlighted by artistic treasures our customers have brought from the far corners of the earth.  Local comforts like homemade apple pie or biscuits and gravy, and friendly “first name” service, complete the circle back to the Midwest. We hope you will join us at the World Cup Espresso Café – the traditions of the world are right in your own community.

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We have tried to create a gathering place that spans generations and interests, but gives everyone a common feeling of being in their home away from home.   Among comfy couches and relaxing armchairs, World Cup offers chess and dominoes, free wi-fi connections as well as secluded space for small meetings, and, of course, excellent coffee. Art, food and beverages from many cultural traditions deepen the sense of a world marketplace.


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